About me

Why polyspective? There are multiple perspectives in life and business. Here are mine.

I can almost always see multiple points of view to any one situation. It’s a blessing and a curse in equal measure.

Other stuff about me

My name is Stefanie and I have a lot of dots. (You know, the ‘dots’ Steve Jobs talks about in his 2005 commencement address at Stanford.) I am a bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool generalist and am pretty happy about it.

First, I write.

But, also:

I’m a content architect.

I’m a publisher.

I’m a construction company director.

I’m a marketer.

I’m a lawyer.

I’m an interior designer.

I’m a parent.

Someone once called me ‘an organisational aesthete’. (I like that.) I means I can look at all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle at once and figure out where they go, and whether there are any bits missing. The best part is that the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ can be anything–a recipe, a company, a story.

I’m passionate about a lot of unrelated (or are they?) things, and deeply interested in many different topics. I’m obsessed with design and construction, biochemistry and its effect on psychology, interpersonal dynamics and motivation, context and the big picture, and storytelling in rhyme.

Oh, the thinks I can think up if only I try!


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